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27 de março de 2015

Fractais - Arte Digital

LUCKY CONCEPTION by Runs-With-Triangles 
Dragon by kibitz9 
Joy by lucid-light 
Juice by rougeux 
Zen by CygX1 
Rainbow Ocean. by Thelma1 
Lotus pond dew by Fiery-Fire 
Setting Sun by wolfepaw 
Problem of tinnitus by hmn 
Flourish by Fiery-Fire 
The Silhouette by Jeddaka 
Fly by lucid-light 
Secret Life of a Fractal by titiavanbeugen 
In a Magical Forest by titiavanbeugen 
Deep Blue by CygX1 
Layered Dreams by raysheaf 
Dungeons and Dragons by raysheaf 
Macro Galaxy by zy0rg 
The Somnolent City by raysheaf 
Journey Beyond Horizon by raysheaf 
In A Whisper by eldru 
Somewhere in Mandalay by teddybearcholla 
Journey to the Unknown by raysheaf 
The Lost Armada II by raysheaf 

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